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Best Text Recruiting Platform From 2021



Most people might be familiar with text messaging, as it is something that is used almost religiously among friends and families in daily conversations. However, business text messaging is much more complicated due to various factors peculiar to the industry, such as different code lengths and text delivery methods, each with its own set of risks, restrictions, and costs. In addition to being more complicated than its recreational counterpart, business text messaging differs from mere marketing strategy or employee-customer communication in some of the following ways.

1. Text Messaging Method Matters

For one, text messages are all the same and yet are not all the same. They are the same in that they are delivered to various digital devices via cellular networks and the Internet. Furthermore, messages have developed from being short messages (SMS) to multimedia capabilities (MMS). In the delivery method lies the difference. Each has its own set of restrictions worth being aware of while choosing the best solution for one’s business. The most usual method is prolonged code texting, which essentially involves texting over standardized local telephone numbers, which, though widely available and recognizable, possess impactful limitations. This helps cut down on marketing spam and is meant primarily for personal communication rather than business usage. 

The second method is texting via shortcodes, which tend to be associated with automated mass messaging delivery services. While there are hardly any delivery limitations on such codes, the numbers are costly to lease. Providers usually share them among all clients, which is excellent for sending urgent messages to multiple recipients simultaneously but not for managing individual customer conversations and replies.

Nonetheless, it is useful for mass messaging and marketing purposes. The last and latest method is toll-free texting. A combination of both short and long codes boasts the best of both worlds. Though less restricted than long codes, it is better than shortcodes at conversational texting. Furthermore, toll-free numbers have immediate business associations and cost much less than shortcodes do. Systems that allow you to send text messages by interfacing with mobile carriers’ email systems are unreliable and depend on prior knowledge of the contact’s mobile carrier.

2. Find Out Hidden Fees

Furthermore, while many text delivery methods are available and aggressively advertised, it can be challenging to fully understand the hidden and projected fees involved in subscribing to and using any particular method. Extended code plans that claim to be unlimited should be regarded with caution, as the restrictions mentioned above render long codes incapable of genuinely being unlimited at all. Hidden and additional fees for things like users, features, and support should likewise be regarded with caution, as should services that force you to commit to lengthy contracts with attractive service level agreements beloved by bosses but offering nearly no value.

3. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

However good service may be, there will always be downtime. Nearly every service provider relies on mobile carriers and aggregators for message delivery. Furthermore, service providers’ applications factor into the equation. Hence, should equipment fail, a resultant domino effect of failure will arrest messages and prevent them from getting sent out. No network is perfect, and in sparsely populated areas, messages tend to go undelivered, a fact the FCC is keenly aware of. 

It is worth noting that business text messaging is no longer limited to mobile phones but can be enabled for landline phones, tablets, Ipads, etc. Allowing you to facilitate texting on your current business telephone number and send and receive text messages via website interfaces. 

Support, simplicity, longevity, and transparency matter more than cost when providers send out critical messages during emergencies or otherwise and partner with like-minded entities.

Texting can be tricky, and many factors go into whether any given text recruiting platform is right for you. Furthermore, the choice of provider is ultimately yours. A combination of rules and common sense should guide you in making this decision and using your provider of choice. When used responsibly, texting can allow any business to grow its brand and communicate consistently and meaningfully with clients. Refrain from ignoring replies and settling for just any old opt-out system. Furthermore, make use of the many resources available to help you optimize your business text messaging.

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