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Safety Gadgets For Your SUV



Shopping for a new car has long been determined by aesthetics, fuel economy and performance – but safety now plays an increasingly significant role. More advanced technology is now standard across many makes and models of vehicles.

Rear-cross traffic alert is one such system, helping prevent collisions when reversing out of parking spots. Other systems use cameras to recognize road signs and display them on touchscreen or head-up display systems.

Over-the-Seat Organizer

Organizers help keep your SUV cabin tidy and safe by corralling items that could become distractions while driving. An over-the-seat organizer sits securely on the passenger seat, featuring several pockets to keep things organized and easily within reach – including one designed for holding an iPad; its transparent iPad pocket fits this tablet; an insulated bottle holder keeps beverages cold or warm, and card pockets to store IDs or credit cards.

It’s crafted with denim material and reinforced edges for increased sturdiness. Additionally, its X-shaped stitching pattern helps prevent tears while its buckled straps securely connect it to your car headrest.

Use it to organize jumper cables, flashlights, and other emergency items so they are always within easy reach when needed. Plus, this front seat organizer comes equipped with a zippered compartment to conceal valuables – providing tons of storage space at an economical price point!

First-Aid Kit

If you plan to use your SUV for camping trips or other outdoor activities, it is essential that you come equipped with first aid supplies. This kit features items such as ointment, bandages, medical tape and thermometer. In addition, insect repellent and tick removal devices will keep mosquito bites and tick bites at bay as well as a stethoscope which measures blood pressure are included.

We evaluated how easy and straightforward each kit was to open and close, its organization within, as well as whether pockets and sleeves held up well against wear and tear.

While this kit may be small, it still includes many of the hospital-grade items recommended by Red Cross experts, including various bandage sizes and types. Unfortunately, it lacks additional nitrile gloves and CPR face masks which could prove vital during an emergency; these items can be added separately if desired. Furthermore, its rugged case makes this affordable kit easy to store either in your vehicle or backpack on hikes.

Electric Blanket

After a long drive, nothing beats the comfort of a warm blanket to help ease into sleep. Unfortunately, these can quickly become fire hazards if not plugged in properly or turned off properly.

Modern electric blankets have many safety advantages over their older versions. Their electrical wiring responds to a temperature control unit, which monitors its temperature and turns it off if there are hot spots in the blanket.

Underwriters Laboratories or ETL certification is of utmost importance when selecting a blanket. These agencies conduct tests that detect electrical shock hazards as well as potential issues.

Search for blankets with dual temperature controls to stay comfortable when sharing a bed with someone. In addition, look for ones with heating wires that aren’t as visible compared to older models; our testers were particularly fond of the Bedsure Sherpa electric blanket for its soft feel and concealed wires – it received high marks among our experts!

Cargo Tray

With a Cargo Tray, you can keep your back seats and trunk area organized to avoid messy spills or wear-and-tear. This allows you to easily locate items such as water bottles, snacks, toys or gear without reaching back while driving – providing safer access.

Some SUVs feature advanced driver-assistance systems to keep drivers safer on the road, including lane departure warning. Cameras or lasers monitor lane markers and provide warning if you start drifting out of your lane – this might include sounding an alert chime, blinking dashboard telltales and vibrating seats or steering wheels to steer back on course.

This solid cargo tray adds more storage space to your Alta X and can be attached using a custom bracket kit (sold separately). Featuring slotted sides to keep weight down while featuring an anti-slide border to stop items from sliding off, this easy to use piece is made of durable steel with texture black powder coat finish featuring NRT corrosion protection technology for superior corrosion resistance and quick cleanup.

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