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3 Ways to Find the Best ReactJS Company in 2021



2020 has witnessed an enormous technical shift globally. With the new normal, customers require a dynamic and interactive user interface for Web and Mobile Applications. Every mobile and web app has distinct execution needs. So, you must select a tech stack that secures a smooth development process and user experience. 

React JS is one of the most prevalent front-end development JavaScript frameworks. Thousands of companies use it because it is fast, efficient, and requires minimal coding work. Research shows that in 2020, worldwide 35.9% of developers used this framework for front-end development. Therefore, the demand for React development companies is on the rise.

Are you looking for top ReactJS companies for building a successful web application for your business? Do you want a digital framework that empathizes well with your target audiences?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we list 3 ways you can find the best ReactJS company in 2021.

Ask for Referrals From Your Network

You can build an excellent user interface by hiring a dedicated ReactJS development company. And seeking referrals is perhaps the most reliable way to do that.

The reason is that by asking for referrals, you can expect genuine and trustworthy recommendations. They will suggest services/products they worked with and are reliable, flexible, match your domain expertise.

Evidence indicates that people recommend products/services to fulfill their self-oriented needs. They want to share their expertise and look good in front of others. Your network consisting of your friends, colleagues, and family will never recommend a company with low service quality. 

The best place to ask for referrals for business services is on LinkedIn. It’s the biggest social media platform for professionals. They contribute their ideas, thoughts, and expertise. So, by asking your network, they’ll recommend the ReactJS companies they found helpful.

Another place to look for references is your business email list. If you’ve got vendors, suppliers, or business customers, you can ask for referrals too. They’ll be more than open to provide you with suggestions.

Use Google

It’s 2021, and we’re now well habituated with searching for every type of information we need on Google. Thanks to the ease of use and precise answers, Google search is now part of our buying process. No product research is complete without a deep Google search.

So, head over to Google and search for the best React companies in a particular region. You’ll get a list of software companies in that area that offer React JS development services. Along with that, a few paid ads at the top of the search results. 

You may think that the top-ranked companies are the ones to work with, but that may not always be the case. You shouldn’t select a company just because of its higher rankings.

Experts believe that companies offering the best services generally do not invest much in SEO rankings. They are in such a high demand that they rarely care about SEO rankings. These companies receive the majority of their clients through referrals. So, their pipeline is always complete.

The companies who are not so good or are out of work invest heavily in low-hanging keywords like “best development agencies” and “top-rated agency in New York.” But that isn’t to say high SEO rankings are bad. It’s just that you shouldn’t rely on them solely as a deciding factor.

What you ought to be doing is look at the overall branding rather than ranking alone. Look at the portfolio section, the blog section, social media handles, and reviews. These will give you a better idea of the quality of the company. 

Search on Job Boards

Job boards are another great place to look for companies. You may think why companies will bother to stay active on job boards when it’s for individuals?

And the answer to this is because of the gig economy. Many people (and software developers primarily) are working remotely from their homes. Statistics reveal that 34% of the US workforce engages in the freelance economy, reaching approximately 50.9% by 2028. 

So, what these developers do is form groups and create a freelance agency. They offer a particular service just like a registered company would, but at a far lower cost. To get the projects, they stay active on various job boards to pitch to clients. There are dedicated portals for this purpose like Toptal, Upwork, Flexiple, Arc, among others.

Just be specific with your requirements. So, if you’ve got a ReactJS project on a tight budget, then you can post your needs on various job boards.


React JS enables stable and concise code that allows easy debugging later. It aids developers to embed new features in the code at any given point. Moreover, it is continually evolving and boasts of a large development community.

As per a research article, React JS has a 21.5% market share in JavaScript framework usage. The same study suggests that the higher preference is because of the regular updates and improvements in React JS compared to other frameworks.

Hiring a React JS development company isn’t complicated. You need to be precise with your requirement and know where to find them. You can start your search process by following the above. It’s best to request referrals first and then search, followed by posting on job boards.

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